mandag den 25. februar 2013

Collaborative Comic Part 6

Sorry for the delay, this was pretty near complete the weekend before last but the tests kinda threw me off. 

As soon as the elfish kid turned up I knew he had to go. Nobody likes elves.

Next up is Morten Lassen.

søndag den 10. februar 2013

The Magical Collaborative Comics Part 5

Hello good people of the mystic comics!
Today we have a new page to our story, by Melanie Geissler.
I post in her behalf, and this is her message:
"Pretty pictures are for losers. No rendering, complete lack of shame. Sorry for the long wait!".

So lets take it from the beginning

Here starts a story, no one knows what it is about, and where it goes. We will have to find out by continuing each other, and leading each other...

And the new page by Melanie:

The rules are simple:
- It has to make some kind of sense
- The first to post and say that he/she would like to continue it, will be the next.
- 1 page for post

 So just jump in when you feel inspired!